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GuoRun produce thin metal precision products in material thicknesses ranging from 0.1 - 1,0 millimetres.
Precise etching technology was started as an application of courtesy photograph and photo etching technique. It handles ultra-precise requirements that are impossible by stamping technology. It is suitable for infinitely thin, extremely small or complex shaped metal parts that are essential in the electronics industry.
Photo etching technology is indispensable for producing semiconductor products, various electronic components and other precision parts. Photo Etching technique which is the combination of optical technique and chemical technique enables us to produce complex and fine shapes at the accuracy of micron level in a short leadtime without using expensive stamping tool.
The advantages in using these technologies are:

  • High precision product
  • Burr free, no deformation and no induced internal stress in the end product
  • Low tooling costs
  • Short delivery-times

The production of test samples or regular products takes place in cleanrooms using highly automated machines and modern test equipment. In our plating section we carry out pre- and post-treatment processes such as sus and steel plating.


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