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Perforating Process

  • Die
  • The perforating process starts by designing the precision
    die.We blelieve that the quality of the die is critical for the
    quality of the product.We have therefore invested heavily
    in this area in recent years and developed our die making
  • Perforating
  • We use the CNC machine to produce state-to-art product.
    The day is over 3000ŠO.We can perforate the material
    thickness from 0.1mm to 25mm.
  • Slitting
  • Slitting to your finished width is done in-line frome a coil.
  • Shearing
  • Our adept worker can shear the margins when the
    tolerance is great than our in-line process.
  • Roller Leveling
  • We can bring the perforated material thichness arrange from
    0.8mm-12mm back to the original flatness with the roller press.
  • Cleanliness
  • The perforating process requires the use of lubricants,
    and a degreasing step can be applied to
    clean oil free from the material surfaces.
  • Fabricating
  • Besides custom perforating, we also offer a full range of
    in-house and out-sourced secondary fabricating and finishing
    operations, which include: leveling, shearing, circle shearing,
    bar coding labeling, custom packaging, degreasing, deburring,
    forming, blanking, annealing painting powder coating,
    anodizing, welding, polishing, joining, bending, rolling.
  • Surface finish
  • Perforating, leveling and shearing normally leave slight surface
    imperfections behind that are considered acceptable in the
    industry. If required, special precautions such as vinyl coated
    material and paper interleaving can be taken, at additional cost.
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