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GuoRun Perforated Metal Company is located in Anping county Hebei province which is the largest wire meshes manufacturing base and have the noticeable fame of " The hometown of wire mesh " in China. Perforated material is our key product. We are acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers in this industry due to our high quality products, reasonable price as well as our considerate service.

Quality is a state of mind. The automotive CNC perforating machine and an extensive range of die in stock enable us to manufacture the perfect perforated products that match the strict quality requirements of international market which has earned us the reputation of being a quality -oriented company. Our company has introduced the advanced "etching" equipment in addition, this equipment can make the hole diameter up to 0.08mm, which meet your requirement for more high-accuracy products.

Perforated material is widely used as Architecture, Noise control, Filtration, Automotive & Transport, Electronics, Agriculture equipment, Pharmaceutical, Audio because of the feature of controlling the passage of air, light, liquid, solids, heat and waves.

Customer's satisfaction is our priority. Our staff is committed to a policy to ensure a continuous improvement to the product. If you have any special requirement for your products, please tell us. Our experienced die experts will work closely with you to design the product for your criterion. We have implemented the ISO9001 Quality and Management System, obtained the International Certification. Authentication.

 In the past years, we have served a wide variety of markets, and provided creative solutions for our customers. Our work team has the knowledge, experience and dedication to successfully meet your perforating needs.

We set up the customer service center for your requirement.

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