Perforated material has many potential uses to industry as well as to architects and designers because its practical and aesthetic features.
1.Agriculture equipment
In the agricultural industry, needs for perforated material range from grain sorting and drying, through sieves for special application to parts for agricultural machinery. e.g.: grain dryers, hammer mill screen, combines and more.
2. Audio
A high-quality look and feel, flexibility in terms of colours and the visual effect achieved by choosing just the right perforation pattern are what convince many customers.
3.Automotive & Transport
Automotive manufactures strive to keep the weight of a car to an absolute minimum to achieve maximum fuel efficiency; perforated metal is the ideal choice in this everlasting search. Our products are used in applications ranging from airbags, exhaust, muffler components, air bag cylinders, speaker grilles and guards and ventilation system to facial grilles. They protect both people and the parts behind the perforated material from heat and damage.
Not only should a building be comfortable and pleasant to work in, but it should also convey the right image for the company that owns or rents it. Architecture has turned to perforated metal to achieve this end. We make perforated material used for outdoor furniture, acoustic panel, exterior and interior cladding, ventilation, air conditioning systems, suspended ceilings and interior heating, balustrades.
Using advanced computer systems and our capabilities in bending, cutting and painting, we can produce a complete solution for you, e.g. your company LOGO, a picture, a chair, a bench, a lamp , using perforation in the design increases the aesthetic element of your product,
Using perforated material in the electronic industry is all about protection, aesthetics and functionality, and suit to the office environment. Commercial and consumer appliances use our perforated metal in drums, refrigeration units, dishwashers, baking trays, and coolers.
7. Noise control
We make specialized panels and components for sound baffles engineered to exacting tolerances, which are used to control, unwanted sound in public, professional and technological speces.
The perforated products are made as components for the demanding medical field, including laboratory equipment like sterilizer racks and test tube holders.
The perforated products are used in the screening of coal, gravel and ore, in the shifting and separation of food products and medical material, fine chemicals and oil.

Agriculture equipment


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