We have a series worker and suit manufacture machine,including :
professional die maker,CNC perforated machine,laser cutter,hydraulic
pressure machine,roller machine,polishing machine,cleaning machine etc.And we setup the relatively workshop,oxidation,spray-prait,sandblast,
galvanization,sprey-plasitic,and permeance-plastic.We have a full and
comprehensive finishing service for all of materials including leveling,
shearing, circle shearing, bar coding/labeling, custom packaging,
degreasing, deburring, forming,blanking, annealing painting/ powder coating, anodizing, welding, polishing, joining, bending, rolling.

We use the CNC machine to produce state-to art product in various
materials including Stainless.steel,carbon.steel,Zinc,Galvanized.steel,
Pasteboard,Al-Mg.alloyplate,,Nickel plate,,PVC.plate ,
Composites .And the day output is over 2000?.The minimum aperture is
up to 0.08mm,and the maximal thichness is up to 25mm.The hole shapes we can fabricate are round,square,long-round, Triangle,Scale
Diamond,Oval,Hexangular,Slot etc.



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